#39: Legislative Update with Beth Doglio

Here is our annual legislative update! As we did last year, we sat down with Representative Beth Doglio to talk about what Olympia brought to the recent session, and how the outcomes of the session will impact people in Olympia. We dove into homelessness and housing, climate change and the environment, the new code of conduct around sexual harassment, vaccine exemptions, and more.

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3 Replies to “#39: Legislative Update with Beth Doglio”

  1. Rob Smith

    Great episode as always. I look forward to every one.

    One minor correction for what it’s worth:

    I’m near certain that aside from a few minor housekeeping issues regarding school related vaccines in general, the vaccine bill (1638) that passed this year removed ONLY the personal exemption for ONLY the MMR vaccine. Religious and medical exemptions are still an option for the MMR and personal, religious and medical exemptions for all other required vaccines are still an option. I think an earlier version was more broad but it got watered down before making it through both chambers.

    • Emmett O'Connell

      You’re right, I misspoke. It is just personal and philosophical exemptions from the MMR vaccine.

      Which, I mean if I could go off again, what is the dividing line from a philosophical belief and a religious one? Are we saying that because someone expresses a belief at the Knights of Pythias and not at the local Baptist Church that their belief is less equal? Anyway, I wish the law was cleaner.

      Also, not that the medical exemption system is full proof anyway: http://www.olympiatime.com/2019/03/what-does-medical-exemption-from.html

      • Rob Smith

        I agree, Emmett. Also, your Olympia Time piece was great. It will be interesting to see how the medical/religious exemption rates for the MMR vaccine change over the coming years now that personal is not an option.

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