#55: Our 2020 Agenda

What’s in the works for The Olympia Standard in the coming year? We asked our listeners to send us their ideas and questions on issues they’d like us to discuss. On this episode, we reviewed what was submitted and offered our thoughts on how we might approach them. We’re also exploring the idea of growing our team! Listen and see if this might be an opportunity that catches your interest.

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2 Replies to “#55: Our 2020 Agenda”

  1. John McNamara

    Hi, I listened to the podcast and was happy to hear us mentioned. If you do a show on co-ops, we would be happy to participate and discuss the state of co-ops in Olympia and the region. There is a rich diversity of co-ops (trades, retail, service, and tech) in Oly and the region (there is even a funeral co-op based in Seattle but operating state-wide).

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