#65: A Landlord, A Tenant Lawyer, and Rental Housing

With 53% of our population living in rental housing, Olympia is a majority renter community. On top of that, there are far too few rental homes in our city, putting renters seeking housing at a disadvantage. Now throw in a pandemic, where renters who have lost their income are accumulating rent debt. To learn more about the landscape for rental housing, we talked to Whitney Bowerman, a small local landlord, and Carrie Graf, a tenant attorney at the Northwest Justice Project. What challenges do tenants have exercising their rights? How do landlords mitigate risk? And how can we look at rental housing through the lens of racial justice?

Request help from the NW Justice Project
File a COVID-19 Eviction Complaint with the AG
Dr. Kendi’s interview with the National Low Income Housing Coalition
And something for landlords too!

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