#71: Safety and Justice in Public Schools

Continuing the conversation on racial justice in Olympia, we turn to public schools. Courtney Jarmon, who teaches science at Washington Middle School, shared her experience as an educator in the Olympia School District. She spoke with us about the impacts of the pandemic, decentering whiteness in curriculum, the role all adults play in making schools safe for all students, and how we can bring more educators of color into our school system.

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3 Replies to “#71: Safety and Justice in Public Schools”

    • Camilla Blossom

      Courtney Jarmon making a difference in her school, community, state, children of color and impacting our world .
      We need more teachers that can share and build bonds in our schools systems. Teachers that understand and provide solutions for our children to thrive as minority in a majority school setting is so needed.
      I appreciate her understanding the need to have more teachers of color that brings value and respect to education.
      This conversation need to be on-going!
      Great job, very proud of you.
      I will share with educators in my Utah community!

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