#94 OlyWA Days of Change

Between 1960 and 1980, Olympia and Thurston County went through a massive change. From a sleepy timber town with a state capitol building, Olympia grew (and continues) to grow by leaps and bounds. Compared to neighboring counties, Olympia has evolved into something new. And, the elements of what that newness came from is discussed by Don Martin and Anna Schlecht. They talk about OlyWA days of Change, an online community and book project about the history of Olympia between 1960 and 1980.

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2 Replies to “#94 OlyWA Days of Change”

  1. Miguel Louis

    Anna Schlect and her little org should return the Respect and Love Olympia Mural or get a new one. Absolutely disrespectful to remove it from the heart of downtown. Talk about activism 🙄 while she let Patriot Front know they won by destroying the mural in Oct 2021.

    Also why are any of you still listening to this trash. It’s run by Dani Madrone, the City Council member who voted to tear gas Olympians again in the Long Hot Summer of 2020. They don’t give a shit about activism in Oly.

  2. Susan M Davenport

    Thank you for bringing this project to light. I hope everyone with a story contributes their writing or pictures to help piece this historical record of activism and community building.

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