2019 Election

  • #51: Election Results and What Now?

    We took a dive into the results of the election and what they mean for our community. Emmett plugged the precinct data onto maps for the port and mayoral races. […]

  • #49: Ballot Review and School Board

    Your ballot is waiting in your mailbox today! In this episode, we review all the state and local measures you will vote on. We also interview Maria Flores, who is […]

  • #48: Port of Olympia Candidates

    Dani has returned to the show as we continue our interview with candidates that will appear on the Olympia ballot. On this episode, we interview Joe Downing and Helen Wheatley, […]

  • #47: Mayor of Olympia

    Abby Spegman joins us one more time to interview Nathaniel Jones and Cheryl Selby, candidates for mayor of Olympia. We add a few more questions to the mix, asking about […]

  • #46: City Council, Position 3

    Abby Spegman joins us again as a guest host to interview Matt Goldenberg and Dani Madrone, candidates for position 3 on the Olympia City Council. Our questions for Olympia City […]

  • #45: City Council, Position 2

    On this episode of The Olympia Standard, Abby Spegman comes on the show as a guest host to interview Jessica Bateman, who is running for re-election for position 2 on […]


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