2020 Election

  • #77: 2020 Election Recap

    What were the results of the 2020 election cycle? Let’s walk back through the ballot and find out what happened. This episode was recorded the day before the presidency was […]

  • #76: The Ballot for the 2020 General Election

    This year, ballots have already hit your mailbox, several days earlier than usual. If you haven’t yet received your ballot (or haven’t yet registered to vote), check in with the […]

  • #75: Women of Color on your Local Ballot

    In years past, we’ve done candidate interviews for each local race, with both candidates speaking side-by-side. For a few reasons, we’re taking a different tack this year. We only interviewed […]

  • #69: Voting for Judge and Commissioner

    The two races for local government on the primary ballot in Thurston County are for Superior Court Judge and County Commissioner. What should voters be thinking about when they decide […]

  • #68: Your Primary Ballot

    Our primary ballots have arrived in our mailboxes! Haven’t received yours yet? Contact the county auditor. In this episode, we go through the ballot with Jemmy Joe, our token uninformed […]


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