• #63: Will James and the Outsiders Podcast

    Before COVID-19, many in Olympia were engrossed in the Outsiders podcast. This production from KNKX and The Seattle Times delved into the issue of homelessness, using Olympia as a case […]

  • #53: Homelessness in the City and County

    This episode focuses on the response to the crisis of homelessness, both in the city and across the county. We interviewed Keylee Marineau, the county’s Homeless Prevention and Affordable Housing […]

  • #52: Behavioral Health

    Publicly funded behavioral health, including treatment for mental health and substance use, is rapidly evolving. We interviewed Mark Freedman and Joe Avalos of the Thurston-Mason Behavioral Health Organization to learn […]

  • #14: Meg Martin and Selena Kilmoyer on Homelessness

    The Olympia Standard interviews Meg Martin and Selena Kilmoyer – Joyful Crone, about the state of homelessness in Olympia. We discussed how homelessness has evolved over the years, including the […]


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