Public Health

  • #61: The County takes on a Pandemic

    Over a month into a declared state of emergency, Thurston County health officials are working hard to respond to COVID-19. We spoke with Schelli Slaughter, the director of Thurston County […]

  • #60: COVID-19 Hits Olympia

    The past few weeks have turned life in Olympia on its head. In this episode, recorded remotely in our homes, we share some updates from our lives and our observations […]

  • #56: Opioid Response

    In June 2018, the Opioid Response Task Force started to develop a plan to address the opioid crisis in the county. This plan was approved by the Thurston County Commissioners […]

  • #53: Homelessness in the City and County

    This episode focuses on the response to the crisis of homelessness, both in the city and across the county. We interviewed Keylee Marineau, the county’s Homeless Prevention and Affordable Housing […]

  • #52: Behavioral Health

    Publicly funded behavioral health, including treatment for mental health and substance use, is rapidly evolving. We interviewed Mark Freedman and Joe Avalos of the Thurston-Mason Behavioral Health Organization to learn […]

  • #44: The State of Emergency Healthcare

    One of our listeners asked us to cover the state of emergency healthcare in Olympia. We have heard about emergency rooms that are beyond capacity and ambulances being diverted to […]

  • #42: Vaccines and Public Health in Olympia

    With measles outbreaks occurring in several counties in Washington state this year, we wondered: what would happen if we had an outbreak in Olympia? How vulnerable are we? How do […]

  • #20: Malika Lamont and the Opioid Epidemic

    On this episode of The Olympia Standard, we talk to Malika Lamont about the opioid crisis. Why are people becoming addicted and what impact does it have on their lives? What […]


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