• #33: Concerns about Downtown

    Continuing our series on perspectives of downtown Olympia, we interviewed Brianne. She loves to come downtown, but lately doesn’t feel that it is a safe and welcoming environment based on […]

  • #32: Downtown Business

    This is the second episode on our series of perspectives on downtown Olympia. We interviewed two business owners, Jacob David of Nineveh Assyrian and Nathan Reilly of Three Magnets Brewing. […]

  • #31: Living in Downtown Olympia

    This episode is the first of a series about perspectives of downtown Olympia. We recorded an interview with two residents, Kento Azegami and David Scherer Water, to learn their story […]

  • #30: Our 2019 Agenda

    For our last episode of 2018, we solicited topics and questions that our listeners would like to hear about in the next year. We reviewed the most intriguing questions to […]

  • #29: Timberland Regional Libraries

    We interviewed Cheryl Heywood, director of Timberland Regional Libraries to talk about the past, present, and future of our library system. We discussed the value that the library brings to […]

  • #28: City Budget 101

    The city is close to finalizing their budget for 2019. We sat down with councilmember Jim Cooper, chair of the finance committee, to talk about the basics of the city […]

  • #27: 2018 Election Recap

    What happened in the 2018 election? We reviewed all the items that were on the ballot for the city of Olympia. How did voters in our county fall on the […]

  • #26: Ballot Review: 2018 General Election

    This episode is a complete review of everything that appears on the 2018 general election ballot for voters in the city of Olympia. We talk about each initiative and race […]

  • #25: Thurston County Commissioner Race

    We interviewed Thurston County Commissioner candidates Bud Blake and Tye Menser. Other than three-letter folksy nicknames… what do these candidates have in common? Where do they diverge in their approaches […]

  • #24: County Prosecutor Candidates

    On this episode of The Olympia Standard, we sat down with the candidates for Thurston County prosecutor, Jon Tunheim and Victor Minjares. We asked about caseflow management, diversion programs, and […]


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