• #73: A Future of Economic Justice

    What does economic justice look like? Megan Matthews, the Engagement Manager at the Department of Social and Health Services, has been engaging with the community to help develop Washington’s 10-year […]

  • #72: A look into Olympia high schools

    On our last episode, we explored safety and justice in the Olympia school system from the perspective of a middle school teacher. We’re now looking at a different perspective from […]

  • #70: A Public Defender Talks Justice

    Protests from the Black Lives Matter movement have dramatically changed public discourse. Those who have been advocating for a new vision for safety and justice are now finding their ideas […]

  • #69: Voting for Judge and Commissioner

    The two races for local government on the primary ballot in Thurston County are for Superior Court Judge and County Commissioner. What should voters be thinking about when they decide […]

  • #68: Your Primary Ballot

    Our primary ballots have arrived in our mailboxes! Haven’t received yours yet? Contact the county auditor. In this episode, we go through the ballot with Jemmy Joe, our token uninformed […]

  • #66: Who are the people with guns?

    Recently in Olympia, we’ve been experiencing an intimidating culture shock that have left many wondering: who are the people with guns? To answer this question, we interview David Neiwert, a […]


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