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  • #59: Cooperative Business and Housing

    What makes Olympia uniquely situated to support cooperatives? Maybe it’s because we’re home to the Northwest Cooperative Development Center, which supports the development of cooperative businesses and housing. We interviewed […]

  • #58: Economic Development

    A few of the questions we received from our listeners for our 2020 agenda are about Olympia’s economy. We invited Mike Reid, the economic development director for Olympia, to talk […]

  • #57: The 2020 Census

    A new decade, a new census! Every ten years, the federal government completes a count of all the people living within the US borders. We interviewed Amy Hatch-Winecka and Sara […]

  • #55: Our 2020 Agenda

    What’s in the works for The Olympia Standard in the coming year? We asked our listeners to send us their ideas and questions on issues they’d like us to discuss. […]

  • #54: Exit Interview with Steve Hall

    Steve Hall worked for the city of Olympia for over 30 years, recently retiring as our city manager. When someone leaves a position of employment, exit interviews are conducted so […]

  • #50: Immigration and ICE

    On issues of immigration, most people are paying attention to the southern US border. To highlight how these issues impact our own community, we interviewed Steffani Powell, a local immigration […]

  • #41: City Government Structure

    On this episode, we explored the structure of city government, the reason we have the system we have, and what a different system looks like in a neighboring city. Olympia […]

  • #30: Our 2019 Agenda

    For our last episode of 2018, we solicited topics and questions that our listeners would like to hear about in the next year. We reviewed the most intriguing questions to […]

  • #29: Timberland Regional Libraries

    We interviewed Cheryl Heywood, director of Timberland Regional Libraries to talk about the past, present, and future of our library system. We discussed the value that the library brings to […]

  • #28: City Budget 101

    The city is close to finalizing their budget for 2019. We sat down with councilmember Jim Cooper, chair of the finance committee, to talk about the basics of the city […]


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