• #65: A Landlord, A Tenant Lawyer, and Rental Housing

    With 53% of our population living in rental housing, Olympia is a majority renter community. On top of that, there are far too few rental homes in our city, putting […]

  • #13: Kathy McCormick and the Missing Middle

    We recorded our next episode with Kathy McCormick, retired planner turned housing activist. We talked about the history of growth management in our area, where we are lacking in achieving the […]

  • #11: Ron Thomas and Downtown Development

    We interviewed Ron Thomas of Thomas Architecture Studios. His firm is involved with most of the new development projects downtown, as well as others in the region. We asked him: […]

  • #08: Housing, Housing, Housing!

    In this episode of The Olympia Standard, we talk to friend-of-the-podcast Jessica Bateman and Janae Huber about housing issues in Olympia, particularly The Home Fund and The Missing Middle. Download this […]


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